First steps with Vulkan

, Nathan Gauër
Vulkan is great, vulkan is love, vulkan is $(COMPLIMENT)

I heard a lot about this API, but never took some time to try it... So why not now ? The goal was to do a simple OBJ file viewer. Then, try to improve performances, and of course, since it's Vulkan, go multithread ! The API is pretty simple to use. We fill out some structs, and call a vkSomething function.

Some samples are available in the SDK, and of course, there is the famous Vulkan-tutorial website. So commits after commits, the little viewer is built, until the first 'Hello, world !' And now, realization: to display a white triangle, I needed more than 1000 lines of code. Anyway, it's OK, let's continue, and finally, a simple obj viewer ! (project repository link)

Program running under i3

But we are the May the 5th, and GSoC results are out. Time to switch lanes and go back to the big project: OpenGL driver for a Windows on QEMU VMs.