In my first year at EPITA, I had an assignment. Create a video-game using Unity. I had 4 weeks, 3 missing teammates, and an idea.

The idea was to combine both the FPS and RTS style in a single multiplayer game.

A game round required 5 players:
  The first — through a RTS gameplay — had to protect a central orb.
  The other 4 had to seek and destroy the orb the Quake’s fashion.

The RTS side could spawn units, and give movement order. Attack and aim was controller by the AI. The FPS side could fight against these units, or spawn some fixed towers to defend against the units.

The project evaluation was made through presentations. So I decided to create some trailers, and give my teachers an E3-like presentation. Here are these trailers and some screenshots of the game.
Outcome: top promotion.

Technologies: 3ds Max, Unity, Substance Painter, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, C#

(If somebody at DICE is wondering, yes it is a rip-off of a Battlefront devlog 🙂 )