Multiplayer game - Starfight

In my first year at EPITA, I had an assignment. Create a video-game using Unity. I had 4 weeks, 3 missing teammates, and an idea.
The idea was to combine both an FPS, and a real-time stategy game, in multiplayer. A game needed 5 players. 1, playing it like a stategy game had to protect an object. He could spawn and control AI-controlled units. The other 4 were in the game, in FPS. They had to fight against these AI units and destroy the objective.
Another rule wanted to respect: I had to do all the assets.

The evaluation was made through one presentation. So I decided to create some trailers, to give my teachers an E3-like presentation. Here are these trailers and some screenshots of the game.
Outcome: top promotion.

Technologies: 3ds Max, Unity, Substance Painter, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, C#.

(If somebody at DICE is wondering, yes it’s a rip-off of a Battlefront 2 devlog :) )

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