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Hi !

I’m Nathan Gauër, a student in Computer Science at EPITA. I should graduate in 2019. In my opinion, the ideal job would be to work on an advanced realtime 3D engine.

However, there is a lot of paths I didn’t explored yet, and I’m still curious about a new proposition !

I am currently in my final engineering year. Next step will be a 6 month internship, in January 2019.

Enjoy your visit !

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Explore !

C / C++ / GPU / UNIX

Visualy 'appealing' works are just a subset of my projects. Do not forget to explore my github and my blog !

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Ocean Simulation

Shaders / Compute shaders / C# / Unity / 3dsMax / Substance Painter

This project started during my Erasmus. Lived next to the sea, ans started to wonder how to replicate it.
First step was to simulate a ship behavior on a shallow ocean, then find a way to render the water. (2016)

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StarFight : Original Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game

C# / 3dsMax / Mudbox / Unity / Network programming / Game design / Level Design

This is my first year project at EPITA. We had to use Unity and add a small multiplayer dimension. We were four students to work on this project, but two dropped out.
We had 4 weeks, and decided to keep the same challenge;
Create a full, playable, multiplayer game, do all 3D models, and use only low level network functions.
This project arrived first. (2014)

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Rooftop Observatory

3dsMax / Boujou4 / After Effect

This project is a simple tracking and post-process exercise. I shot footage of a farm's tower, and added this observatory. (2014)

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C / C# / Unity3D

This project contains two implementations of a basic Raytracer. The first one is done in 32 hours, in C.
It supports directionnal light, spot lights, phong shading, hard shadows, reflections, triangles and planes.
The second one is in C# and made in 12 hours. (Available on Github)
It supports reflections, refractions, diffuse + normal maps, and hard shadows. Only support spheres.
(Both 2016)

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3D works

3dsMax / Mudbox / Substance Painter / Photoshop / MentalRay / Nvidia iRay

This is a small collection of personal works.

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C / C++ / C# / AutoIt / Java

several softwares created for customers or personal use.

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Design & Illustration

Photoshop / Illustrator

A small collection of objects designed and finished.

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Webdesign & Development

HTML / Css / Javascript / Ajax / PHP / Photoshop

Websites or modules delivered to previous customers





Nathan Gauër


Paris - France

Nathan Gauër