Vulkan is great, vulkan is love, vulkan is $(COMPLIMENT)

I heard a lot about this API, but never took some time to try it… So why not now ? The goal was to do a simple OBJ file viewer. Then, try to improve performances, and of course, since it’s Vulkan, go multithread! The API is pretty simple to use. We fill out some structs, and call a vkSomething function.

Some samples are available in the SDK, and of course, there is this Vulkan-tutorial website.

So commits after commits, the code grew, until the first “Hello, world !”: displaying a white triangle. 1000 lines of code vs 30, that’s quite steep. After some additional 7641 lines, here it us, a simple obj viewer!

GitHub link

R5D4 on Vulkan app under i3

But we are the May the 5th, and Google Summer of Code results are out! 🥳 Time to focus on the next big project: OpenGL driver for a Windows on QEMU VMs.