Talking with Cars

During my last internship, a coworked had a Toyota Yaris (2007). This car has an OBD-2 plug, and the owner was curious about what we could do with it. We had access to a simple CAN-bus probe, and some spare time.

Press & Seek

The first step is to understand what parts a linked to what packets. Our approach was to sort packets by IDs, and highlight changing bytes. Then, touch everything in the car we could think of. Once some basic informations where figured out, we could show some graphs.

CAN terminal

Talking with Cars

Stanislas, another student, worked on a fake gamepad using his Fiat500 can packets. The code base was in Python, and all values were hardcoded. We could easily improve the architecture by implementing a src->sink model inspired from GStreamer’s.

All done. PR has been merged, and here is the repo: Repository