Currently working on a Vulkan extension for VirglRenderer, I need to grep the API all the time. The official documentation gives me two options:

  • search the Vulkan spec (huge PDF)
  • use my browser custom engine feature and play with Khronos’ registry URL’s

The first is painful, and the second too strict (case sensitive).

Recently, I also went to an Algolia hosted meeting. Their search engine API looked good, and in my case, it’s free!

Thus, I took a couple hours off from my GSoC, and crafted this thing: a dirty Vulkan API search engine.

Edit 2024-04-02:

  • This utility had no users for a year. Algolia has scheduled the index deletion.
  • Its index is very outdated (Vulkan 1.0, very few KHR/vendor extensions).
  • The official Vulkan documentation has improved, making this utility obsolete.

For those 3 reasons, I am sunsetting this utility.